Le Casilla

Our search for a unique structure with a good amount of ventilation. The search thus ended up in the concept of the Spanish word “Le Casilla” which depicts the box. A unique topography in the components of the exterior with winged roof design resembles wings and seems like this beautiful structure. The spaces are planned considering the privacy of the people living inside and the people outside and the large open space acts as the buffer zone. The semi-private space is carefully planned in the central part of the plan which connects all the spaces of the house. The visual connection and the wind circulation are key for the design. The courtyards play a major role in ventilation and lighting during the daytime. Courtyards connect the main spaces with a pleasant visual connection. The importance of view towards the large open space is an important factor in the whole design. So glass facades and double-height spaces are used accordingly

Project Name

Le Casilla