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About Us

Concetto Design Co, under the leadership of CEO Abdulla Vasif, stands as a distinguished architectural firm in Kerala with a rich history of over 12 years in the industry. As prominent Architects in Kerala, we take pride in our accomplished track record, having successfully completed 300 projects with an additional 50 ongoing projects spanning across India. Abdulla Vasif’s international background, including an MBA from the London School of Commerce, brings a global perspective to our endeavors as leading Architects in Kerala.

Our Principal Architect, Mohayudheen Danish, a seasoned expert in sustainable design, complements this perspective seamlessly. At Concetto Design Co., our foundational philosophy, ‘Sustainable Luxury,’ serves as the guiding principle for all our undertakings. This philosophy marries opulence with ecological responsibility. Each project, regardless of its scale or location, is a living testament to our commitment. Our mission is unambiguous: to meticulously harmonize luxury and sustainability, shaping environments that elevate the quality of life while minimizing ecological impact.

Concetto Design Co. thus emerges as a beacon of architectural excellence among the Architects in Kerala, where avant-garde design seamlessly converges with conscientious environmental stewardship.

Our Process

1 Initial Consultation

Meet with the client to discuss their needs, goals, and vision for the project. Gather information about the site, budget, and any specific requirements.

2 Concept Development

Brainstorm ideas and concepts based on the client's input. Develop a draft plan that incorporates their preferences and addresses any technical or logistical considerations.

3 Design Development

Refine the draft plan into a detailed design, incorporating feedback from the client. Create visualizations, such as sketches, 3D models, or renderings, to help the client visualize the final outcome.

4 Client Review and Feedback

Present the final design to the client for review. Discuss any revisions or adjustments they may want to make. Finalize the design based on their feedback and obtain approval to move forward.

5 Documentation and Permission

Prepare detailed drawings and documentation required for permits and approvals. Coordinate with relevant authorities to ensure compliance with regulations and codes.

6 Construction Administration

Oversee the construction process to ensure that the design is implemented according to specifications. Address any issues or changes that may arise during construction and serve as a liaison between the client and the contractor.

7 Project Completion and Handover

Conduct a final inspection to ensure that the project meets the client's expectations and quality standards. Hand over any relevant documentation, warranties, and maintenance instructions to the client.

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Our Services


We specialize in creating dream homes, harmonizing comfort and style with meticulous attention to detail. Your vision, our expertise, a perfect space.


Tailoring workplaces for success. We design efficient, appealing commercial spaces that enhance productivity and leave a lasting impression on clients and employees.


Elevate guest experiences with our exquisite hospitality designs. We craft inviting, functional spaces that leave a lasting impression, ensuring comfort and satisfaction.

Interior design

Elevate interiors with our creative touch, optimizing space, color, and decor for a harmonious atmosphere.


Transforming outdoor spaces into captivating environments. Our designs blend nature and artistry, creating harmonious landscapes that inspire and rejuvenate.


Architects in Kerala

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Pottammal-Kattukulangara-Palazhi Rd, Nellikkode, Kozhikode, Kerala 673014


IGBT Bypass Road, near Ganga Gas Agency, Manjeri, Kerala 676121

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