Alone we can do so little,
Together We can do so much

We concentrate in the creation, design and master planning of modest to large houses, boutique hotels, art galleries, experience centres, educational institutes, commercial, religious and corporate buildings etc. For Quality comes as standard, our compact team at Concetto work closely to ensure that whatever project we are working on is designed and constructed with the kind of attention to detail.

Our team will give life to your dreams from your concept to completion to create effective solutions for both individual and roll-out identities which deliver a real return on your investment and strengthen your values and objectives. Originating design schemes and putting effective inter-disciplinary teams together for smooth execution, our designs have integrity and it’s our clients who reap the rewards!

The Concetto Brothers

Abdulla Vasif

Founder, CEO

Graduated in BE (Civil Engineering) from Anjuman Engineering College, Karnataka and continued his studies at the London School of Commerce, UK. He was further awarded a Diploma in Interior Designs from the British Institute of Interior Design College, London.

Danish Kp


An architecture graduate from Ranganathan Architecture College and is now doing his masters in Sustainable Architecture at Politecnico di Torin, Italy. He's the younger brother of our founder Abdullah Vasif and is an avid travel enthusiast.